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Are You Ready To Make 2018 The Best Year Ever?

Want To... Lose Weight, Stop Smoking or Make More Money This Year?

I'm About To Share My MindPower Secrets So You Can
Create Better Health And Attract More Wealth All While You Sleep!

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Saturday, January 2018

Client Results:

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Saturday, January 2018

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What You Can Expect At This FREE Event

Fed up with diet plans and torturous bootcamp workouts?
Imagine waking up, focused and motivated to lose all the weight you want. During the workshop, you'll learn secret mindset 
​​​​​​​techniques to becoming slimmer and healthier, easily and naturally. 

Ready to stop smoking? Have you tried to quit and failed many times?
Picture yourself putting that cigarette out and breaking that old habit for good this time. During the workshop, you'll discover what's stopped you in the past and how you can easily become smoke free.

Tired of living paycheck to paycheck? Ready to give yourself a raise?
Discover new ways to attract more money into your pocket. During the workshop, you'll develop the wealth mindsets that create new money opportunities and the freedom of a debt free lifestyle as well.

  1. The Workshop Is 2 Hours In Duration
  2. The Workshop Is FREE To Attend
  3. Event Location Is Centrally Located In Windsor ON. CANADA.
  4. Workshop Is Open For Pre-Registered Guests Only. No Walk Ins.
  5. 1 Day Only. Space Is Limited. Register Now. 

Here's The Event Details:

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James E. Graham, C.Ht has spent a lifetime studying how the mind works to produce results and uses his extensive experience and knowledge to help others lose weight, stop smoking, make more money and live debt free lifestyles.
He's the author of such books as "Rich Mind, poor mind​​​​​​​", and upcoming books "From Fat To Fit" & "See It, Believe It Achieve It".
He's shared the same stage with Christie Brinkley, Charlie Sheen, Mel Gibson, Mark Walberg, Hugh Hilton, Gene Simmons, Steve Wasniak, Vanilla Ice, John Travolta, JT Foxx, Dr Nido Qubein, Jay Abraham & many more. 
And he travels throughout N. America speaking & demonstrating how you can live better, on purpose with the power of your mind.

Unlimited Potentials Coach, Speaker, Author & Hypnotist

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"I bought the weight loss program after attending one of James' MindPower weight loss workshops, I started using his program everynight when I went to sleep and I began wanting to eat right, be active and take care of myself.
The more I used his coaching system the more weight I lost and I've dropped over 65 lbs so far!"

Michelle Brett - Essex, ON 

Stop Smoking Success!

"I smoked a pack a day for over 8 years and tried to quit many times and failed. After my first coaching session with James, I was done with cigarettes... or so I thought. 
I got stressed out a few days later and took 2 drags but couldn't finish the cigarette but then after my second session, I haven't smoked since!"

​​​​​​​Cory Lepley, Owosso MI.

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Make More Money Success!

"I was coached by James to improve my business and one of his assignments produced leads in days and thousands of dollars in new business in a market I would never have thought of! 
​​​​​​​His business coaching is highly recommended"

Jason Christopher - Pittsburg PA.  

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All Information Presented On This Site And During These Workshops Are For Educational Purposes Only.
​​​​​​​No Medical Treatements Or Cures Of Any Condition Are Implied Or Promised. No Guarantees Of Any Results Of Any Kind Are Implied Or Promised.